The Verifone P400 is available from select distributors today with a version of XPI that is EMV-ready. Here's what you'll need to order:

  1. Verifone P400 (M435-003-01-NAA-5)

  2. XPI Application (See chart below)

  3. Processor Encryption (processor-specific)

  4. Power Cable (PWR282-001-01-A) & Serial Cable (CBL282-031-02-A)
    OR USB Cable (CBL282-038-01-A) OR Ethernet Cable (CBL282-005-02-B)

Verifone P400

The verifone p400 can be ordered directly from the
distributors below:

The verifone p400 is us emv certified with the following
processors and datacap products today:

More coming soon...

Processor-specific Secure Device IDs

Processor Application Load SecureDeviceID
Encrypted (recommended) Non-Encrypted
Worldpay IP (formerly Mercury) XPI 19.01.1303 EMV_P400_MERCURY N/A

More coming soon...