Datacap Systems develops and markets innovative integrated payments solutions for any Point of Sale - including PC-based, embedded, browser-based, unattended, and mobile POS. By writing to one simple interface, Point of Sale developers can keep pace with evolving trends and payment industry standards, so they can spend development dollars on POS innovation rather than integrated payments. 


Our Story

Datacap Systems, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

Founded over 35 years ago, we based our initial business strategy on providing a cash register with integrated payments and data capture/movement capability, sold through a network of retail systems developers and their dealers. After successfully installing tens of thousands of ECR/POS terminals in retail chains across North America, we made an aggressive decision to lift the integrated payments functionality from our own ECR/POS register line and make it available to all ECR/POS suppliers.  To avoid conflicts of interest in our sales channel, we methodically unwound our ECR/POS offerings and focused on delivering integrated payments as a middleware offering across many vertical markets.

With our extensive experience implementing our own integrated payments and data capture capabilities, we enjoyed a distinct competitive advantage in understanding the nuances of adding integrated payments and data movement to other third party systems. Datacap delivers a rich product set capable of supporting virtually any operating system, every card processor, all card types and many payment peripherals, all with a simple 'one-to-many' command interface.

Over the Years

We successfully evolved not only our product offerings, but also our business model and channel strategies to meet the rapidly changing demands of the market. Starting in the mid-1990’s, we engineered the shift in delivery of payment technology from the bank card channel to the retail systems provider channel, while making sure that all the constituents remained profitably engaged so the merchant enjoyed a first class customer experience. Product rental programs first began over 15 years ago, creating recurring revenue opportunities for thousands of active Point of Sale VARs (Value-Added Resellers).

NETePay™ on PC-Based POS

Our initial products included hardware-based payments solutions for embedded systems - primarily cash registers. We expanded in the late 90's to our PC-based product, NETePay™, a standard in the payments industry today. Now, with the recent explosion of browser and tablet-based Point of Sale, our product innovations help solve challenges like driving local hardware (without local software), adding third-party app integration and supporting a variety of payment types via every major payment processor in North America. 


Credit card transactions

Datacap offers highly scalable software and hardware products that can be operated at the store level, enterprise level or processor level, all supported and managed with cloud-based activation and configuration tools.  With hundreds of thousands of successful payment installations showcasing many evolving product solutions, the one thing that hasn’t changed in 34 years is that we remain strategically committed to delivering best-in-class integrated payments and data capture solutions through a network of retail systems providers.   

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