NAK Error from PIN Pad

NAK errors occur between the client (dsiEMVUS) and the PIN pad. A NAK error means the PIN pad negatively acknowledged a command from dsiEMVUS or dsiEMVUS did not understand the response returned from the PIN pad.

Unable To Acquire Generated Key: NOT ACTIVATED

Unable To Acquire Generated Key: NOT ACTIVATED

This message is displayed when trying to automatically acquire a generated key when creating a stage file for TSYS indicating the account is not activated on TSYS end.

How to get NETePay log files

You may need to share NETePay log files with our tech support team to help troubleshoot errors. In order to access NETePay log files, you'll need to open the file explorer on your computer or laptop and open the C drive. The file path is slightly different on 32 and 64 bit systems.

How to change PIN Pad interface settings

Check the instructions below to view different ways to set interface settings for various PIN Pads.  Be sure to check back as we add support for new PIN Pads.