Ingenico iSC 250 Screen Calibration

Ingenico iSC 250 PIN Pad

Some Ingenico iSC 250 PIN pads may experience touchscreen alignment problems which make signing with the pen or pressing buttons with your finger difficult. If you experience this, you may need to re-calibrate your screen.

Follow the instructions below to re-calibrate your iSC 250. 

1. Press and hold CLEAR and - (minus) simultaneously on the iSC250 payment terminal to reboot it.

Retail Base screen

Retail Base screen

2. When the iSC250 reboots and the grey Retail Base screen appears, press 2  6  3  4 and ENTER.

3. Press the + (plus) to display the functions menu.

4. Select Telium Manager > Initialization > Hardware > Calibration to display the Calibration screen.

5. Press 7  5  8  1 and ENTER to re-calibrate the payment terminal.

If your iSC 250 is loaded with RBA 21 or above you no longer need to enter the 7581 code. Use +/- to select the Yes radio button and press ENTER instead.

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VX 805 Out of Memory Error

Some VX 805 PIN pads loaded with XPI 8.42b may be shipped from distributors missing 2 parameters required for reliable operation. This can cause the PIN pad to display an “Out of Memory” or Verix debug message.

Follow the steps below to set these parameters manually from the PIN pad’s system menu.

  1. Press "F2" and "F4" to enter system mode.

    The password is "1 ALPHA ALPHA 6 6 8 3 1 Enter"

    Alpha is a black key located directly above the 2 key. Enter is the Green key

  2. Press "2" for Edit Parameters
  3. Press ENTER and select "1" for Group ID

    The password is "1 ALPHA ALPHA 6 6 8 3 1"

  4. Press ENTER to select CONFIG.SYS
  5. Press "1" for New
  6. For the parameter name, enter *DHEAP

    For the alpha characters, press the associated number key followed by ALPHA until the correct letter appears. * is located below the 7 key.

  7. Press ENTER to confirm the new parameter.
  8. For the value, enter 0.
  9. Press ENTER to confirm the new value.
  10. Press 1 for New again.
  11. For the parameter name, enter "#CZE". For the alpha characters, press the associated number key followed by ALPHA until the correct letter appears. 

    # is located below the 9 key.
  12. Press ENTER to confirm the new parameter.
  13. For the value, enter 1.
  14. Press ENTER to confirm the new value.
  15. Press CANCEL.
  16. Press 1 for “Restart”.

IP Port Requirements for NETePay™ and Tran™

As part of the installation process of Datacap products, the network has to be configured to be able to communicate over the internet to the processor and Datacap. For each processor, there are specific port requirements for proper communication. 

Firewalls and certain network settings may block the ability to communicate to the processor or Datacap and not allow the merchant to process transactions. 

Click the button below to view all IP Port Requirements by processor

Common errors that result from improper network configuration are socket errors such as Error code 3006 and DNS error code 11001.  

How to change PIN Pad interface settings

Select "configuration" and press the enter key, "communication" and press the enter key, and "select comm. type" and press the enter key.  choose your desired interface and press the green enter key.  

Transaction Not Complete No Response from Pin Pad

Transaction Not Complete - NO Response from Pin Pad

No response from Pin Pad

This error occurs when the VX805 does not respond to a request. It could occur because:

  • the wrong interface is set OR
  • the wrong Pin Pad is selected in the test application OR
  • the VX805 is not plugged in


Verify what interface is being used and set the Pin Pad for that interface. You can check what interface is set by pressing the “alpha” and ‘8” buttons when the VX805 displays “welcome” on the idle screen. If it is determined that the VX805 is set for the wrong interface, the dealer can change it by pushing “alpha and the 8 key” when the XPI version is displayed during the boot cycle. Once the screen changes to a new menu, select the correct interface by pressing the corresponding function key. If you wish to set the VX805 for serial, select Comm 1, 9600 baud, and finally “on” for the back light.

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License Expired

This message indicates one or more of the following:

  1. The date/time on your computer or cash register may be wrong.
  2. Your Firewall may be preventing the device or software from "phoning home" or communicating with Datacap's servers.  
  3. The account may have been shut down by your rental partner. 


You will need to communicate to the below addresses and make sure certain ports are open so that the software or hardware can "phone home."

  • LAN PORTS 9000 & 910

Be sure to try all of the following:

  1. Adjust the date/time on your computer and/or cash register.
  2. Contact your local IT Administrator to resolve any Firewall issues.
  3. Run a successful test transaction.

Error 11001 PRM Fail, PRM ERR, LDR Fail or LDR ERR

The device or software attempted to resolve the hard-coded URL via DNS/Name server and a host was not found. The unit’s Ethernet cable may be connected to a switch/hub that is on a segment of the network or a separate network (such as a cash register LAN) which doesn't have access to the internet or DHCP service may not be available on your network.


  • Please check that you are connected to the internet, visit a website you haven’t been to before to verify your computer isn't just caching data from a site that you've already visited
  • Connect the device to a part of your network that has internet access and cycle its power.
  • The TwinTran™/IPTran™ needs service to acquire an IP address for itself along with the IP addresses for DNS servers. If DHCP is not enabled on your network, change the setting to enable DHCP and then cycle the power on the unit.

Error 10050 PRM Fail, PRM ERR, LDR Fail or LDR ERR

This error eludes to a dead or down network. It usually occurs when the device is powered up without an Ethernet cable connected. A unit in this state will not have a red status light illuminated on the front of the Tran.


  • Double check that the unit has a good Ethernet cable connected to its Ethernet port (not MSR port which also uses a md8/rj45 connector. The MSR port is black plastic and the Ethernet port is metallic w/ leds and is also connected to the merchant’s network on the other side.)
  • Unplug power from the unit for about 10 seconds, then re-power the unit and wait for the red light to illuminate and the green light to appear dim or flashing very quickly. User should attempt another sale. 

Error 004018 Merchant ID Missing

POS/ECR failed to send the merchant ID to the Tran or ePay software


The user should verify the merchant ID is being sent from the POS/ECR and retry the transaction. If the merchant ID is not being sent as part of the transaction string, the POS developer and Datacap tech support must be contacted so we can solve the integration issue.

DataCap Support Icon.png

Error 318 Must close/Setl First

This error occurs when a monetary transaction is trying to be added to a batch that receives an error during transmission to the processor. The user can not add additional transactions to the current open batch until a settlement is successful.  


User must close current batch prior to adding any additional transactions. Any further transaction attempts will result in an error 318. The only way to move forward is to close the current batch and add transactions to a new batch file.