Transaction Not Complete No Response from Pin Pad

 No response from Pin Pad

This error occurs when the VX805 does not respond to a request. It could occur because:

  • the wrong interface is set OR

  • the wrong Pin Pad is selected in the test application OR

  • the VX805 is not plugged in


Verify what interface is being used and set the Pin Pad for that interface. You can check what interface is set by pressing the “alpha” and ‘8” buttons when the VX805 displays “welcome” on the idle screen. If it is determined that the VX805 is set for the wrong interface, the dealer can change it by pushing “alpha and the 8 key” when the XPI version is displayed during the boot cycle. Once the screen changes to a new menu, select the correct interface by pressing the corresponding function key. If you wish to set the VX805 for serial, select Comm 1, 9600 baud, and finally “on” for the back light.

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