TranCloud™ Installation Guide

This guide will show you how to:

  • Set up your TranCloud unit
  • Connect specific PIN Pads to TranCloud (via Serial, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi)
  • Pair your POS with TranCloud
  • Download PIN Pad settings

To install your TranCloud unit, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Connect Ethernet Cable

Use included Ethernet cable to connect TranCloud to Internet Router.  

Note:  If configuring Wi-Fi Pads, connect your TranCloud unit to 120V outlet using included power cable.  
Connect Ethernet Cable

Step 2: Connect PIN Pad

Select a device below for specific instructions on how to connect each PIN Pad.

STEP 3: Pair POS and TranCloud

Prior to pairing TranCloud and your point of sale, make sure that your trancloud device is connected to power using the included TranCloud power supply.

Configure your Point of Sale using the DeviceID (located on the back of the TranCloud device), the corresponding Merchant IDs (MIDS), and Terminal IDS (TIDS).  If using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected PIN Pads, configure your POS with the corresponding IP addresses and port numbers from Step 2.  If you need help, contact your POS provider for specific instructions or consult the PIN Pad configuration menu (see Step 2 above).

TranCloud DeviceID

TranCloud DeviceID


STEP 4: Download PIN Pad settings

Use the "EMV Param Download" to load pre-configured PIN Pad settings.  Consult your point-of-sale provider for specific instructions.

Note:  This step will look different for each POS.

What is an EMV Param Download?

STEP 5: Run Test Transaction

Before you start live processing, verify that all test transactions were successfully deposited into the merchant bank account.

Confirm Test Transaction

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