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In-store Payments

For many merchants, exposure at the merchant's brick-and-mortar location will be the first payments interaction between the consumer and your point of sale environment. Datacap handles all EMV certifications on your behalf and drives multiple user-friendly card-entry devices to cater to every merchant.

Unattended Payments

unattended payments

Pairing unattended options with your in-store Point of Sale helps to improve transaction efficiency and enhance customer experiences. Add more ways to pay with an unattended payment application such as unattended kiosk or touchscreen terminal. 

Mobile Payments

Add support for NFC mobile payments, interface options for mobile POS extensions, Pay-At-Table or line-busting. Datacap drives a variety of mobile hardware directly, so your path to mobility might be as simple as ordering hardware that corresponds to your Point of Sale application.

Mobile Payments


Enable your customers to make purchases online from any device. With simple ecommerce tie-ins, customers can complete new transactions online, or with tokens initiated from previous transactions made in-store, via unattended applications or from their mobile device. 

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