TranCloud Payments Simplified 


Payments Simplified

TranCloud is an EMV-ready payments hub that is constantly evolving to fit the needs of virtually any POS provider.  Simple to integrate, sell, support, and install, TranCloud is the ideal payments solution for your Point of Sale.  

How does TranCloud™ Work?

Your POS + TranCloud + Multiple Devices

Ready to simplify your payments integration?  Getting started is easy with TranCloud™.  Simply set up TranCloud™, add multiple devices, and take control with your mobile or browser-based POS.  TranCloud™ is your EMV-ready payments hub.

Your Point of Sale

Your Point of Sale

Your POS communicates with TranCloud™ via HTTP Post.



TranCloud™ is your EMV-ready payments hub.

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

TranCloud pairs with multiple wired and wireless Pads.

All US Processors

Access to All US Processors

Plug and Play

Plug and Play Install 

EMV Chip

Easy Transition to US EMV

EMV Devices

Evolving Device Support


Connection Flexibility

TranCloud supports multiple wired and wireless PIN Pads, allowing for a custom-tailored solution for each installation.  Wi-Fi, Ethernet and/or serial connections are supported, enabling unparalleled flexibility.  Perfect for fixed and/or mobile POS installs.







A 'One-to-many' Integration

One, simple integration is all it takes to support virtually all US processors and an evolving list of EMV-enabled hardware. No individual development, certifications or per-transaction fees.

With the most robust payments offering in this space today, Datacap products support transactions like EMV credit, debit, gift, loyalty, EBT, FSA and more.

Instant Device Compatibility

What's compatible with TranCloud today?

More devices coming soon...

Ideal for 'As-a-service'

As simple as a flat-rate monthly fee for only as long as the merchant is processing - no per-merchant long-term commitments or per-transaction fees. Remotely activate/de-activate on-site hardware to manage your installations.  Or, obtain TranCloud at no cost from one of our participating processing partners and collect on-going processing residuals for each of your installations. No-risk recurring revenue.

Product Features

All Processors


A single out-of-scope integration provides your Point of Sale application with access to virtually all payment processors in North America. No individual development, certifications or per-transaction fees! Just a simple HTTP post is all it takes to add payments to your POS app.

US EMV Transition


Because Datacap drives the PIN Pad on behalf of the POS application, the bulk of the EMV development and certification rests on our shoulders. Every merchant has different requirements, so a "one size fits all" approach for EMV isn't going to cut it. Evolving device integration through various OEMs is the ideal approach to EMV. We'll get you there.

Instant Device Compatibility


Driving local hardware is one of the most difficult challenges for mobile POS providers to overcome. So, we’ve added plug and play support for an evolving list of EMV-enabled PIN Pads. As more devices are certified, you gain instant access without integration changes. We’ve got you covered.                          

Earn Recurring Revenue


Datacap ISV partners can offer TranCloud™ as part of a SaaS program from a variety of channel-friendly payment processors. Recurring Revenue with no up front investment! Or, offer your own SaaS program and provide TranCloud from Datacap directly at a fixed monthly fee.     

Cloud-based Project Management


TranCloud™ communicates directly with payment processors (no third party gateway necessary), and can be configured, purchased and updated in the cloud. Simply log-in to Datacap's PSCS™ (Payment Systems Config Server) to manage your new and existing customers 24/7.

Security -Centric Payments


Because we provide a direct conduit between your POS and the payment processor, transactions are not being re-routed through a third party - inherently more secure than a gateway. With options for P2PE, tokenization and US EMV, Datacap is the payments solution of choice for the security-conscious POS provider.

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