NETePay™ 5.07 New Features & Functionality


NETePay™ 5.07

New Features & Functionality

NETePay 5.07 is loaded with brand new features and functionality and boasts a fresh new look. Check out some of the new features:

Automatic updates/streamlined install

  • Remote Updates/Processor Changes can be completed remotely

  • Run NETePay optionally “as-a-service” for a seamless operation

  • Initiate updates via your PSCS account from anywhere

Automatic Updates

PA-DSS Validated EMV Store & Forward*

EMV Store & Forward
  • When switching to “Offline Mode”, the merchant can store authorization requests in NETePay – transactions are captured once IP is restored

  • Available on ALL of Datacap’s EMV-certified Card Entry Devices

  • Validated for PCI/PA-DSS

  • Configurable via Datacap’s PSCS™ Portal or directly in the POS application

* Requires integration changes

EMV Pay-at-table*

  • Ingenico’s iWL258 and/or iSMP4 communicate to the POS via WiFi

  • Supports EMV, MSR, PIN, and NFC transactions

  • Add gratuity, queue transactions, and split tickets directly on the mobile PIN Pads

  • Ideal for Pay-At-Table or Line-Busting

EMV Pay-At-Table using the Ingenico iWL 258

* Requires integration changes


  • New ‘electronic benefits’ support for Women, Infants, and Children

  • Now available on select processors (First Data & Vantiv IP).

  • Available on ALL of Datacap’s EMV-certified Card Entry Devices

  • Contact Datacap to get started

* Requires integration changes


  • Optionally download "Local Batch Report Viewer" when installing NETePay 5.07 for batch reporting

  • Universal interface regardless of processor

  • No additional fee or integration changes required



QuickChip on Ingenico
  • QuickChip functionality is now available on all of Datacap's supported Ingenico, Equinox and select Verifone devices

  • Simplified and expedited EMV transactions


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