New NETePay™ Installation Process

Automatic updates and simplified installation...

You may have noticed a change in the installation process for NETePay. As part of our release of NETePay 5.07.30, all go-forward EMV-enabled versions of NETePay now support automatic updates and a single app installation - no more site visits to download software updates!

When you build a NETePay file that supports auto-updates via PSCS™, you'll be prompted to download a "NETePay Director" application. Once installed, you'll be prompted for your deployment ID (provided by PSCS), which then automatically pulls down the corresponding version of NETePay from our download site and runs it as a service on the PC.

Once the "NETePay Director" is installed, go-forward updates are as simple as logging in to PSCS and making the change. Software updates automatically on site without intervention.

No more site visits to update software and no need to keep track of on-site software versions!

New NETePay Installation

New NETePay Installation


NETePay 5.07.30 also includes new features like:

  • PCI-validated Store and Forward (EMV and non-EMV transactions)

  • Datacap's Batch Report Viewer

  • Pay-at-the-Table via Ingenico PIN Pads

  • eWIC (select processors)

  • QuickChip and PIN Bypass (select processors/hardware)


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