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Usage Programs - Terms of Use

Datacap Systems has negotiated product usage programs with various bank card acquirers, enabling those acquirers to offer Datacap products to their merchants as part of the merchant’s processing contract. While each acquirer sets their own terms for use of the products by their merchant, the products remain the property of Datacap and must be returned or de-activated when no longer used by the merchant. Below are conditions ubiquitous to all of the Datacap Usage Programs.

  1. The equipment shipped under the usage program is the property of Datacap Systems and must be returned at the conclusion of the merchant services relationship with the bank card acquiring partner.
  2. The acquiring partner must have a negotiated business deal in place with Datacap Systems and be responsible for paying the agreed upon usage fees to Datacap.
  3. The equipment shipped under the usage program is “locked” to the acquiring partner’s processing account and is not capable of being used with an alternative bank card acquirer.
  4. The acquiring partner establishes the usage fee guidelines for the merchant, and the compensation to resellers for installation, training and support. Usage fees may be included in discount rates, levied as a monthly/annual fee, or be absorbed by the acquirer – all at the acquirer’s discretion.
  5. To qualify for the usage program, the merchant must have a merchant processing account approved and set up by the acquiring partner prior to deployment of products by Datacap to the reseller.
  6. Though the order for products is placed by the acquiring partner to Datacap, products will only be deployed through a participating authorized Datacap reseller and shipped to the location designated by the authorized reseller, assuring that the reseller is fairly compensated for their installation and support services.

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