EMV Parameter Download

What is an EMV Parameter Download?

An EMV Parameter Download is an action that helps to load a PIN Pad with the capabilities necessary to run an EMV Transaction.


How to perform an EMV Parameter Download:

An EMV Parameter Download can be performed in two ways:

1.) Use your Point-of-Sale:  Unfortunately, every POS is different, so this may require consulting your POS manual or your POS provider for more specific instructions.

Note: Adding an EMV Parameter Download is a requirement for integration with Datacap’s dsiEMVUS® control.


2.) Use Datacap’s EMVClientTest Application for troubleshooting purposes only:  Open Datacap’s EMVUSClient Test application and make sure “Tran EMV” radio button in the bottom right hand corner is selected (see screenshot below). Confirm that the com port of your Tran unit matches the “Com Port” in the test application window.  In this case, we have an IPTran LT connected to com port 3. Press the “EMVParamDownload” button.  The duration of an EMV Parameter varies per processor (generally takes between 1-3 minutes).  Once, the EMV Parameter Download is complete, click “Ok”.

 Screenshot of Datacap's EMVUSClient Test Application
Screenshot of Datacap’s EMVUSClient Test Application

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