CVMS Fields on PSCS

There are four options for EMV Cardholder Verification in PSCS:

EMV Cardholder Verification

All CVMs (default):

The default setting for CVM selection, “All CVMs” will support signature-preferring and PIN preferring cards. The PIN Pad will prompt for signature or PIN based on the card’s preferences as defined by the issuing bank.



Ideal for table-service restaurants, the “Signature” CVM setting defaults EMV card reads to signature-preferring EMV so that cards don’t prompt for a PIN when inserted. This allows restaurateurs to maintain pre-EMV processes when using a payment processing platform that supported EMV tip adjust. **EMV debit support is disabled when this option is selected.



Ideal for unattended applications, the “None” setting should be employed when using a card-entry device that does not support signature or PIN entry (Ingenico iUC285). The transaction will process as chip/chip and will not prompt for signature or PIN. **EMV debit support is disabled when this option is selected.


PIN and None:

Ideal for unattended applications that are utilizing a PIN Pad (Ingenico iSelf Series), the “PIN and None” selection will prompt for a PIN when applicable, but will not prompt for signature.


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