Our Story

Datacap Systems, Inc.  Corporate Headquarters

Founded over 35 years ago, we based our initial business strategy on providing a cash register with integrated payments and data capture/movement capability, sold through a network of retail systems developers and their dealers. After successfully installing tens of thousands of ECR/POS terminals in retail chains across North America, we made an aggressive decision to lift the integrated payments functionality from our own ECR/POS register line and make it available to all ECR/POS suppliers.  To avoid conflicts of interest in our sales channel, we methodically unwound our ECR/POS offerings and focused on delivering integrated payments as a middleware offering across many vertical markets.

With our extensive experience implementing our own integrated payments and data capture capabilities, we enjoyed a distinct competitive advantage in understanding the nuances of adding integrated payments and data movement to other third party systems. Datacap delivers a rich product set capable of supporting virtually any operating system, every card processor, all card types and many payment peripherals, all with a simple 'one-to-many' command interface.