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NETePay Hosted empowers Datacap partners to bridge the gap between in-store brick and mortar payments and hosted payments services while simultaneously bolstering the features list - PCI-Validated P2PE, eCommerce, omnichannel payments, cross-platform tokens and encryption, virtual terminal, virtual gift, real-time online reporting, and more!



New Features


Omnichannel payments

Accommodate your merchant's every need - in-store, eCommerce, unattended, mobile - to create a universal payments experience.



Bridge the gap between in-store brick-and mortar payments by adding eCommerce for any merchant!


pci-validated p2pe

Secure transactions by encrypting all on-site payments, preventing clear-text cardholder data from being available.

cross platform tokens

Cross-Platform Tokens

Shared tokens across processing platforms allow merchants to switch processors seamlessly without disrupting recurring billing.


Virtual Terminal

Payments, voids, returns, etc., through a merchant-facing virtual terminal.

virtual gift

Virtual Gift

Configure gift cards online that can be used online or in-store.


Real-time reporting available online, anytime for Datacap partners and their merchants.

Virtual Terminal

Datacap’s new Virtual Terminal


Coming soon

PIN Pad 4

Datacap Apps on Pads

Expect to see Datacap applications running on pads in the near term. No need for on-site software! Initial release will be available on Ingenico's TETRA PIN pads.


Remote Key Injection

Coming soon to select hardware, remote key injection (RKI) will facilitate a more simplified, secure and cost-effective method of key injection at the Point of Sale.


Apps on Pads

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