Ingenico Lane/3000 - Serial Connection


What do I need to connect the lane/3000?

  • Ingenico Lane/3000

  • Ingenico Lane/3000 serial cable

  • Ingenico Lane/3000 power supply

  • Included serial cable adaptor

  • Included TranCloud power supply

1.)  Plug included Serial Cable Adaptor into MSR/PIN Pad port on TranCloud.  Do not use the ECR/AUX Port.

Serial Adaptor Cable

2.)  Plug Lane/3000 serial cable into serial cable adaptor connected to TranCloud.  

Serial Cables

3.)  Connect Lane/3000 power supply to 120V power outlet and to the back of the Lane/3000 serial cable.

Lane/3000 will turn on once it's connected to power.

Power supply
See the power supply port on the Lane/3000 Serial Cable

See the power supply port on the Lane/3000 Serial Cable

4.)  Connect TranCloud to 120V power outlet using included TranCloud power supply. 

5.)  Verify COM setting on PIN Pad is set to 'RS232 / serial'. (How to change PIN Pad interface settings)

A. Press 0-0-0-1 to access the admin menu. Press the green enter key to enter into the “communication type” menu.

Ingenico Lane/3000 admin menu

Ingenico Lane/3000 admin menu

B. Use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down. Select “RS232 / Serial” and press the green enter key.

Arrow keys on Lane/3000

Arrow keys on Lane/3000

C. Press the red “X” key and then press “1” or the green enter key to save and reboot your settings.

RS232 / Serial on Lane/3000

RS232 / Serial on Lane/3000