Ingenico iWL258 - MAC Address

What do I need to connect the iwl258?

  • TranCloud unit
  • TranCloud power supply
  • Password to Wi-Fi Network
iWL258 Diagram

1.)  Plug TranCloud unit to 120V power outlet using provided power cable.

2.)  Turn on the iWL258 by holding the green key (enter key) in the bottom right-hand corner.

3.)  Press the "F" key in the bottom left 4 times (circled in purple).

4.)  Press the  "F2" key to change the interface to Wi-Fi (see screenshot below). Press the enter key.


F1-F4 keys are used to select items on the screen.  F2-F3 can be used to scroll when making selections. The green button in the bottom right is the enter key.


5.)  Use the f3 key, to change settings. select "DHCP". PRESS THE ENTER KEY. Confirm that "server" is selected. PRESS THE ENTER KEY. Press the f4 key to leave port set to "12000".  Press the enter key to confirm that "ssl" is set to off.



Select Connection Mode: Server

Select Connection Mode: Server

Your settings should look similar once step 5 is complete.

Your settings should look similar once step 5 is complete.

Note:  Most devices ship with "DHCP" set to "AUTO", Port set to "12000", and SSL to "OFF"

6.) Press the F4 key for Access Points. Press the F1 key for "new" point. Make sure your wi-fi network of choice is selected and press the enter key.

7.) Confirm that "WPA/WPA2" is selected for security (Press enter key).
Use the number keys to add your Wi-Fi password.

Wi-Fi Password
Note:  For Alpha values, the iWL258 doesn't have an Alpha key, so you'll need to press the number keys until the upper or lowercase value of the desired Alpha character appears. 

8.) Press "F1" to save.  

Note:  The iWL258 will then reboot.  The iWL258 will show a Wi-Fi icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and will display a message that says "lane closed".