IPTran™ Support


Processor Phone Numbers - List of credit card processor support phone numbers

Merchant Parameter Worksheets - Form to be filled out with your customers’ processing parameters (primarily used to request file builds for Tran family of products)(pdf’s)

Service Return Form - Include this form when shipping Tran™ products for factory repair (pdf)

IP Port Requirements - IP Port Requirements for each Payment Processor

User Guides

Quick Start Guide - Included material and quick installation instructions (pdf)

Quick Start Guide (w/ MSR) - Included material and quick installation instructions for IPTran with internal mag stripe reader (pdf)

IPTran Autoload - Explains system requirements, installation and usage (pdf)

Supported Processors

IPTran Network List - Lists the networks/processors and features supported by IPTran (pdf)

Diagnostic software

Tran Management Software (TMS) - Windows utility that allows you to easily perform diagnostics and loading of Tran products. TMS replaces all previous tran diagnostic software (tran check, winpop, datatran setup, datacap setup, etc). Call Datacap at 215-997-8989 for assistance

Gateway Test - Windows utility that assists in determining the ability to reach a particular Internet payment gateway using the on-site Internet connection