Payment Interfaces that fit your POS package

PC-Based POS

Windows-based integrated payments and peripheral management software


iOS, Android, Java, and web services integrated payments and peripheral management for mPOS

Cloud POS

Integrated payments and peripheral management via a HTTP Post for browser-based POS

Embedded POS

Small footprint integrated payments and peripheral management hardware for serial-based POS

Instant Device Compatibility


One size does not fit all


If you're selling Point of Sale, you already know that merchants have unique requirements that vary pretty dramatically from install to install. A payments solution that's ideal for one merchant, might be a turn-off for the next. For this reason, Datacap will continue to cherry-pick the best devices from a variety of manufacturers, creating an ever-evolving payments solution with an emphasis on flexibility.

As more devices are certified, POS partners gain instant access without additional development. Now, POS providers can tailor a payment solution that best fits the requirements of each merchant without being tied to a single, one-size-fits-all PIN Pad option. 


A 'One-to-many' Integration

One, simple integration is all it takes to support virtually all US processors and an evolving list of EMV-enabled hardware. No individual development, certifications or per-transaction fees. With the most robust payments offering in this space today, Datacap products support transactions like credit (EMV and standard), debit, gift, loyalty, EBT, FSA and more.

With a variety of integration options to choose from, Point of Sale developers can customize an integrated payments solution that best fits your application. Unlimited direct developer support ensures a smooth integration and cloud-based product management make payments implementation and support as simple as possible.

Recurring Revenue without the Risk

Our payment interfaces support virtually all payment processors, but Datacap has also engaged top-tier payment processing partners who offer our integrated payments solutions via a ‘Solution as a Service’ model. ISVs/resellers obtain payment solutions for little to no cost with ongoing profit-sharing. Start building recurring revenue today without the risk!

No implementation costs

No Implementation Costs

Datacap’s Usage Program partners provide integrated payment solutions (for both Tran™ & ePay™ product lines) through authorized Datacap resellers at little to no up front cost, enabling recurring revenue without upfront capital outlay.


Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue 

Authorized Datacap resellers are compensated directly by the Payment Processor/Usage Program Partner for each account they bring to the program (generally via recurring monthly residual profit sharing).

Various Partner Options

Various Partner Options

Datacap has partnered with a variety of top-level Payment Processors who understand the inherent value added by authorized POS/ECR resellers. All programs require the involvement of an authorized Datacap reseller.

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