Datacap's EMV Roadmap

Just as we have with our existing out-of-scope payments solutions, Datacap will continue to certify new hardware from various OEMs going forward, enabling an unparalleled level of installation flexibility that stems from the freedom to choose hardware based on market demand and not being locked to a specific hardware provider or payment processor.


Current completed US EMV Certifications include:

More EMV Certifications coming soon

*Datacap also supports 1000s of ISOs and merchant services providers via the major processing platforms in North America. Don’t see your ISO or merchant services provider? Contact Datacap to see which processor they support!

What do I need to order?

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EMV Basics

What is EMV?

EMV (Europay®, Mastercard®, Visa®) is a payment standard that utilizes a difficult-to-duplicate microchip on the credit card, rather than the traditional magnetic stripe. In its primary format, the card is inserted (or "dipped") into an EMV compatible reader/PIN Pad for the duration of the transaction while the customer inputs a security PIN to establish valid card ownership. <br><br>The purpose of EMV is to reduce on-site credit card fraud by confirming that the card is both valid and in the hands of the correct owner. EMV does not however, protect data after the transaction, so it does nothing to prevent site-wide data breaches. For this reason, merchants should utilize processors that support end-to-end encryption and tokenization to protect themselves from data breaches.


Who’s Liable?

On October 1st, 2015, liability associated with the fraudulent use of counterfeit cards shifted from the card issuer to the acquirer - who is universally expected to shift that liability to the merchant. This shift only applied to merchants that have not implemented an EMV-enabled payment solution.

Merchants are only liable for the amount of the fraudulent transaction. EMV does not affect the merchant's liability pertaining to data breaches or 'card not present' (ecommerce) transactions - where the bulk of stolen cards are used.

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