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Datacap Systems develops and markets innovative integrated payments solutions for any Point of Sale - including PC-based, embedded, browser-based, unattended, and mobile POS.  By writing to one simple interface, Point of Sale developers can keep pace with evolving trends and payment industry standards, so they can spend development dollars on POS innovation rather than integrated payments. Those that already use Datacap can easily send transactions to Chase Paymentech. For those who don’t use Datacap yet, interfacing is an easy, fast and profitable way to add the ability to send transactions to Chase Paymentech.



Datacap has over 30 years of experience in the payments industry. We're your payments enablers and consultants.


We sell our products exclusively through authorized POS resellers. Expert sales and service mean a positive merchant experience and long lasting merchant relationship.

Platform Agnostic

Datacap provides Integrated payments for any Point of Sale. PC-based, embedded, Mobile or Cloud. We've got you covered.

Hardware Agnostic

With plug and play support for an evolving list of common POS peripherals, your POS constantly evolves - without requiring on-going updates.

Chase Paymentech
Supported US EMV Devices:

More Devices Coming soon...

Virtually all Processors

Software Developers Can Send Transactions to Virtually Any Processor

A single out-of-scope integration provides POS applications with access to virtually all payment processors in North America. No individual development, certifications or per-transaction fees! So developers are happy to use Datacap to enable transactions to Chase Paymentech


Driving local hardware is one of the most difficult challenges for POS providers to overcome. So, we’ve added plug and play support for an evolving list of common POS peripherals – EMV-enabled PIN Pads, cash drawers, pole displays, receipt printers, weigh scales, barcode scanners, etc. 

Cloud based project Management


Datacap solutions communicate directly with the Chase Paymentech (no third party gateway necessary), but are still configured, purchased and updated in the cloud. Datacap partners simply log-in to Datacap's PSCS™ (Payment Systems Configuration Server) to manage new and existing customers 24/7.  

Easy Transition to US EMV


Because Datacap drives the PIN Pad on behalf of the POS application, the bulk of the EMV development and certification rests on our shoulders. Every merchant has different requirements, so a "one size fits all" approach for EMV isn't going to cut it. Evolving device integration through various OEMs is the ideal approach to EMV. 

Earn recurring revenue

POS Software Developers Can Earn Recurring Revenue

Datacap ISV/VAR partners can offer Datacap products as part of a SaaS program to earn recurring revenue with no up front investment by renting software from Datacap directly at a fixed monthly fee.  Similar programs are available for Acquirers 

Security-centric payments


Because we provide a direct conduit between the POS and Chase Paymentech, transactions are not being re-routed through a third party - inherently more secure than a gateway. With options for P2PE, tokenization and US EMV, Datacap is the payments solution of choice for the security-conscious POS provider and Merchants



DatacapConnect™ allows merchants to consolidate their authorization, batching and reporting across their entire enterprise regardless of Point of Sale configuration. 

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