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 LivePOS and ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

LivePOS is an enterprise cloud point of sale provider. Over the years thousands of merchants from all walks of life joined the LivePOS platform, making it both diverse and feature rich. LivePOS is used daily by thousands of merchants across 25 countries.

High Mile Corporation operates 6 ZAGG invisibleSHIELD locations in Washington, Oregon and Utah and has been selling cell phone accessories for over nine years.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware agnostic innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture.  Industry-standard payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an array of vertical markets.


High Mile Corporation needed to expand their payment options to include emerging payment types and meet industry standards to keep up with the demand of their
customer base.

Some of these payment types included:

  •  PIN Debit Transactions
  •  Accept chip cards (US EMV)
  •  Accept NFC Contactless transactions such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other mobile wallets

High Mile Corporation turned to LivePOS and Datacap to deliver a payments solution that could meet their
evolving needs. 

Solution and results

  ZAGG invisableSHIELD
ZAGG invisableSHIELD

High Mile Corporation is using LivePOS point of sale application paired with Datacap’s NETePay software using the VeriFone VX 805 PIN Pad.  

“LivePOS and Datacap afforded us more time and opportunity by allowing us to take secure payments and comply with new merchant laws. Customers love the fact that they can use their PIN at our locations which gives them confidence in our business and our payment options!” said Shane Branz, owner and president of High Mile Corporation. 

Vanessa Ezri, business development executive at LivePOS said, “Integrating with Datacap was the best decision we made this year!  We are now able to offer an integrated PIN debit solution, which allows us to satisfy the needs of more of our customers. Our integration with Datacap saves so much time at the store front, which everyone loves!”


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