Filmbot and Nitehawk Cinemas


 Filmbot and Nitehawk Cinemas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The most popular and trendy cinema in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Nitehawk Cinemas showcases the newest film releases with a high-end, curated menu featuring paired dining and cocktails for select screenings. In 2018, Nitehawk Cinema will be expanding to its second location overlooking Prospect Park, set to feature seven screening rooms, two full bars and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Filmbot is an agile software development company based in Brooklyn, NY devoted to modernizing the moviegoing experience. Filmbot is committed to introducing technology solutions that expedite the experience for moviegoers, while empowering cinema ownership with greater capabilities to identify and increase patronage from their most lucrative customers.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware-agnostic innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture.  Industry-standard payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an array of vertical markets.


Nitehawk needed a new point of sale application that would help their customers feel more secure when paying online and significantly streamline ticket ordering. Matthew Viragh, owner of Nitehawk Cinemas, said, “Our old point of sale system and website felt like they were stuck in the 90’s.  We actually got complaints from our customers that the experience paying online didn’t feel secure.“  

  Nitehawk Cinemas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Nitehawk Cinemas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

In addition, Nitehawk’s previous point of sale solution hampered their revenue with crippling per-transaction fees. “We shouldn’t be hurt by the level of business we are doing.  As we got more transactions, our fees were going up.” Matt said.


Filmbot provided Nitehawk with multiple Point of Sale applications (two unattended kiosks, POS workstations at the bars and a re-vamped website) paired with Datacap’s TranCloud™ payments hub. The unattended kiosks allow patrons to buy and print tickets. They can also pick up pre-ordered tickets when they arrive at the theater. The kiosks use Ingenico’s iUC 285, an unattended EMV reader. At each bar, patrons pay using Filmbot’s POS workstation with Ingenico’s iSC 250, a signature capture PIN pad. Nitehawk’s re-vamped website allows patrons to quickly and easily order tickets online via a Pay API powered by Datacap and hosted by payments partner,

Filmbot’s point of sale applications are perfect for Nitehawk because they provide an omnichannel payments environment where Nitehawk can accept transactions in a variety of ways with little to no difference in ease of use or function for their customers.


  Filmbot’s unattended ticketing kioks using Ingenico’s iUC 285 (left), point of sale workstation using Ingenico’s iSC 250 (center) and re-vamped website (right).  
Filmbot’s unattended ticketing kioks using Ingenico’s iUC 285 (left), point of sale workstation using Ingenico’s iSC 250 (center) and re-vamped website (right).  

“We’ve received great feedback from our customers, especially the online experience.  Both the unattended kiosks and online are intuitive, secure and really easy to use. Filmbot really helped us to modernize our point of sale system and make our customers feel more secure when paying online.” said Matthew Viragh.

Steve Bussetti, Filmbot’s CTO, explains, “TranCloud drives multiple payment devices and keeps us out-of-scope, which allows us to develop our platform and provide the features that we want to provide to our customers.” Nitehawk and Filmbot will be adding a dine ‘n dash feature to their systems later this fall. Dine ‘n dash uses encrypted tokens that will allow customers to leave the movie and closeout their check later that night via an eCommerce transaction. Viragh said, “We closeout checks during and after movies and while it’s still playing, so we don’t want to force customers to pay during the climax of a movie. It’s really important for us to use encrypted tokens so we aren’t handling credit card information.”

Steve Bussetti said, “Datacap’s competitive pricing models have allowed us to keep cost of ownership down, not only for us, but also for our customers. This allows us to rollout new payment solutions without breaking the bank.” 

Viragh continued, “One of the reasons we chose Filmbot and Datacap was because of their fixed pricing model.  This allows us to budget accordingly for each year and know what we are spending without having to worry about per transaction fees.” 

With a stable, secure and cost-effective ticketing and payment system in place, Nitehawk is gearing up to open a second location in 2018.  Nitehawk’s second location will feature seven screening rooms, two full bars and a state-of-the-art kitchen.  Viragh said, “With that kind of volume, we really wanted to get our ticketing platform secured and set-up before we get ready to open our new location.”

If you find yourself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, be sure to check out the latest movies, fine food, and payments tech at Nitehawk Cinema.  Order your tickets today!


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