5 ways integrated payments help businesses thrive

Integrated payments can yield serious dividends for business owners in a variety of industries. Here are 5 ways integrated payments help businesses thrive.

Part 1: How well do you know the POS Channel?

Part 1: How well do you know the POS Channel?

Datacap partnered with Piper Jaffray & Co., an investment bank and research firm, to conduct a payments industry survey that consisted of responses from an amalgamation of 558 Value-Added resellers, Independent Software Vendors and Independent Sales Organizations who are all on the front line in forming today's payments landscape.

ID TECH and Datacap Deliver Simplified EMV Solutions for Attended Transactions

ID TECH has worked with Datacap Systems, Inc. to provide EMV chip-card acceptance to a variety of merchants. Datacap Systems’ industry-standard EMV-certified payment software, NETePay™, now offers plug and play support for ID TECH’s EMV-certified hardware for an End-to-End EMV-certified solution.

Datacap and First Data add US EMV Support for Ingenico Group Smart Terminals

Datacap Systems has completed a second round of US EMV level 3 certification with First Data to add support for Ingenico Group’s full line of Telium 2 EMV-enabled smart terminals for hundreds of POS packages.

Update requirements for Canadian NETePay: TLS 1.2, SHA-2, and MasterCard series 2 BIN range support

Starting in January of 2017, card issuers can begin issuing a new version of MasterCard. Pull out your wallet and you’ll see that the account number on your card starts with a “5”. The first six digits of your account number, otherwise known as the Bank Identification Number (BIN) determine how transactions are routed and identify your issuing bank.