Datacap Systems Inc.

Datacap Systems develops and markets innovative integrated payments solutions for any Point of Sale - including PC-based, embedded, browser-based, unattended, and mobile POS.  By writing to one simple interface, Point of Sale developers can keep pace with evolving trends and payment industry standards, so they can spend development dollars on POS innovation rather than integrated payments. 

Datacap's EMV Roadmap

Just as we have with our existing out-of-scope payments solutions, Datacap will continue to certify new hardware from various OEMs going forward, enabling an unparalleled level of installation flexibility that stems from the freedom to choose hardware based on market demand and not being locked to a specific hardware provider.


Current completed US EMV Certifications include:



EMV certifications coming soon:

More Coming soon...

Supported US EMV Devices:

More Devices Coming soon...

Whether you’re adding support for NFC mobile payments, looking for interface options for mobile POS extensions or line-busting, Datacap has you covered.  With a three phase approach to payment mobility, Datacap partners have the tools to accomadate the needs of any merchant. 

Mobile POS Extensions


Available Today

A Bluetooth EMV-enabled PIN Pad (Ingenico iCMP) is paired with a Windows tablet to create mobile POS terminals.


Coming Soon

A Wi-Fi enabled PIN Pad is dropped at the table, so the patron can follow the prompts on the pad to complete payment. 


Coming soon

Patrons utilize their mobile device to initiate payment locally via an eCommerce transaction.