NETePay™ Support


Processor Phone Numbers - List of credit card processor support phone numbers

Merchant Parameter Worksheets - Form to be filled out with your customers’ processing parameters (pdf’s)

NETePay 5.0 Implementation Tutorial - Simple online walk-through for NETePay 5.0 Implementation and Purchase

NETePay 5.0 Upgrade Tutorial - Simple online walk-through for Upgrading existing merchants to NETePay 5.0

IP Port Requirements - IP Port Requirements for each Payment Processor 

User Guides

Legacy NETePay User Guides (NETePay 4.0)  - Explains system requirements, installation and usage for each network (pdf’s)

Current NETePay 5.0 User Guides can be obtained from Datacap’s Software Download Site

Supported Processors

NETePay Network List - Lists the networks/processors and features supported by NETePay (pdf)

Diagnostic software

Gateway Test - Windows utility that assists in determining the ability to reach a particular Internet payment gateway using the on-site Internet connection